June Youth Events

June 2020 Youth Events

Below is a list of our youth events for 2020. Please contact Matt if you intend on attending an event. Visit the Band App for more information. Note that a waiver form for our kayaking trip is due June 17. You can find the form on the Band App or in the church office and it can be submitted through email or in person in the church office.

Summer Events

Staying Connected

Staying Connected

Youth and Parents,

Though our church is unable to meet in person, I would like to share with you a few ways you can stay connected to our youth ministry programming. We are still able to come together as a community and a church family through our online media outlets.

The absolute best way you can stay connected is through the Band app.

  Download Band app on Apple Download Band app on Google Play

The Band app is a safe and secure app that we rolled out early January 2020 to help share in Bible study, worship, picture sharing, and calendaring. I cannot stress enough the importance of downloading the Band App if you have a student in youth ministries. In downloading Band, you will be in touch with all of the annual and seasonal youth ministry events as well as be connected to the primary source of communications to parents and students during this time of social distancing.

CSUMC is actively looking to engage its members, both adult and student. We are making many efforts to meet you where you are. Below are a few of the ways we are reaching out to your students at this time.